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          11 Jan 2020

          Posted by Falkesin Community News

          Visit our Discord Server



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          Intel's 5GHz Core i9-9900KS will be available this week

          28 Oct 2019

          Posted by Falkesin Community News

          Intel first showed off its Core i9-9900KS back in May, promising the first CPU with all cores clocked at 5GHz. Today, the CPU manufacturer announced that it will go on sale beginning on October 30, with an SRP of $513.

          The chip has a 4GHz base frequency, and of course, a 5GHz turbo frequency, with eight cores and 16 threads. It has a 127W TDP, a 16MB Inel Smart Cache, and 40 platform PCIe lanes. Moreover, it's compatible with existing Z390 motherboards.

          "Intel has raised the bar for desktop gaming with the new 9th Gen Intel Core i9-9900KS Special Edition processor," said Frank Soqui, Intel vice president and general manager of the Desktop, Workstation and Channel Group. "Based on the 9th Gen Intel Core i9-9900K architecture, it’s the world’s best gaming desktop processor made even better and created specifically for extreme gamers who want the most performance possible. This processor demonstrates another innovation milestone for Intel, following last year’s limited edition 8th Gen Intel Core i7-8086K."

          Intel says that the new chip gets you 17% faster video editing when compared with the previous generation, an 78% faster when compared with a three-year-old PC. Also when compared with a three-year-old PC, frame rate is 35% higher and mega-tasking is 27% faster with simultaneous gaming, streaming, and recording.

          The 'S' in Core i9-9900KS means that it's a special edition, so this chip is in limited supply. If you want one, you'll want to act sooner rather than later.

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          Xbox All Access is back with an upgrade path to Project Scarlett for $19.99 a month

          28 Oct 2019

          Posted by Falkesin Community News


          Last year around this time, Microsoft introduced Xbox All Access, a leasing program where you could get an Xbox One console, and two years of Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Live Gold, starting at $21.99 a month. It was discontinued at the end of the year with a promise to return in 2019, and now it's back. Microsoft announced the return today, and the big change is that there's now an upgrade path to the next-generation Project Scarlett console, which is slated for release next holiday season.

          It's also cheaper this time, starting at $19.99 a month for 24 months. In the U.S. and the UK, you can choose between an Xbox One S, Xbox One S All-Digital Edition, or Xbox One X, while you can select Forza Horizon 4 bundles of either the Xbox One X or Xbox One X in Australia. It also comes with one Xbox Wireless Controller, and a two-year subscription to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, which combines Game Pass, Game Pass for PC, and Live Gold.

          After you've been on the program for 12 months, you'll have the option to upgrade to Project Scarlett, at least in the U.S. and UK. And with Scarlett slated for launch in holiday 2020, you'll want to jump in now if you want to be eligible to upgrade at launch. You'll also have to have made 18 payments, which means that if you do upgrade after 12 months, you'll need to make six months worth of payments. And of course, you'll need to trade in the console that you're currently leasing.

          Oddly enough, those in Australia don't have the upgrade option. If you're in Australia, your only option will be to buy out the console that you're leasing, and start a new lease.

          Xbox All Access will be available tomorrow in Australia, November 5 in the UK, and November 18 in the U.S. For Australia, you can get it in-person or online at Telstra. In the UK, you can get it in-store at GAME, or in-person or online at Smyths Toys. Finally, in the U.S., you can sign up online from Amazon.com. We've reached out o Microsoft for clarification on whether this will also be coming to the Microsoft Store.

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          visit our nq server - ip :

          28 Oct 2019

          Posted by Falkesin Community News

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